The Interview, It’s Not As Bad As It Seems

<h2><a href=""><img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-659" title="470459qwx7p1nzr" src="" alt="interview"width="199" height="300" /></a>About that job interview...</h2> By Holly A. Bell More 20 years ago I applied for a state job. The job required a prequalifying test, which I took and ranked #1 out of something like 300 people who took it. That earned me an <i>interview</i>. I was very enthusiastic about the potential job, but I was young and still relatively inexperienced with interviewing for any job that didn’t require scooping ice cream or running a cash register. It was my first “professional” <u>interview</u> and I bombed it. Big time. I had the firm handshake, the posture, the eye contact, but was completely unprepared for the questions. I swore I’d never let that happen again and began to educate myself on interviewing skills. I came across <a rel="nofollow" href=" " target="_blank">an article this week from <em>Forbes</em></a> that does a great job outlining the three basic interview

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