The Last Remaining Political Speech

In the interest of full disclosure, before I launch into my thoughts about Melania Trump’s convention speech, I think it is important to tell you whom I plan to vote for in the upcoming Presidential election. At this moment my charming and faithful dog Annabell is my top choice as a write-in candidate. Yes, I am among the disgruntled, which requires the giant assumption that I was ever gruntled. Yet, despite my lack of enthusiasm for any Presidential candidate short of the entertainment value of the large rubber boot perched atop the head of Vermin Supreme, I’m about to defend Melania’s alleged ‘plagiarized’ speech. Well, maybe not defend, but at least explain why her speech was so similar to Michelle Obama’s. The reason is actually very basic. It’s the same reason all beer is ‘refreshing’, all mattresses lead to ‘better sleep’, and hamburgers are always ‘juicy and seasoned to perfection’. Presidents are

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A Humorous Guest Article on Advertising Gaffes

<div id="repostBody"> <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_top"><img title="cat and duck" src="" alt="advertising"width="450" height="287" data-height="287" data-width="450" /></a> <h2>Bite the Wax Tadpole-Advertising Gaffes</h2> <h2>American English Gaffes</h2> By <a href="mailto:[email protected]" target="_top">Blog Daddy</a> I have always said that we as Americans should learn just a few words in other languages, it’s healthy for the mind to expand one’s education.  I have always found it a pleasant experience when dining in a foreign atmosphere when the person tending to me can say; Please, Thank You, Is your meal enjoyable, and even Good Morning and Good Evening. Considering we are the only country in the world that speaks mainly one language, it’s kind of embarrassing really. I have collected these Gaffes from various places on the web, interesting to see that even giant corporations often overlook translations from one language and culture to the next.  In some cases as you will read, it can be a quiet expensive mistake! <strong>American Medical</strong>-<strong>American</strong> medical containers were distributed in Great Britain and caused quite

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