Random Thoughts On Life’s Absurdities

thoughtsSome deep and not so deep thoughts.

Every once in a while a blogger just needs to turn their brain inside out and shake loose some of the random thoughts floating around in their head. Here is where I subject you to mine.

The upside of encouraging people to eat MORE fried foods is more recyclable cooking oil to power “green” vehicles. Life is full of tradeoffs and we need to decide if we want healthy people or cooking oil vehicles.

Eating pita chips for dinner while standing in your pantry is not a sign of depression, it’s a sign that you did not go to the grocery store. Not leaving your house to go to the grocery store is a sign of depression.

Getting a puppy forces you to make snap decisions about which of your things are worth getting out of the chair to save.

Carrot cake is a vegetable. If you say otherwise, you are dead to me.

I do not care if the NSA, my internet provider, or my smart phone tracks my every move, as long a they will give me a ride or send pizza when it becomes apparent that I need either.

A dog can be sitting in a room full of toys, but none of them exist until their human animates them in some way.

Holly A. Bell is an Associate Professor teaching business and economics at the Mat-Su College of the University of Alaska Anchorage in Palmer, Alaska. You can visit her website at www.professorhollybell.com or follow her on Twitter at @HollyBell8

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