7 Outcomes of Legalized Marijuana in Alaska (or not)

marijuanaMarijuana in Alaska?

As the ballot measure allowing citizens to vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana in the State of Alaska moves forward, I started to think about some possible changes we might see in our state if the measure passes. The following are the top 7 changes our state might see if recreational use of marijuana becomes legal:

1)    Tok will become the #1 tourist destination in the state and Fast Eddy’s will change its name to Whoa Dude.

2)    A new State law will require all vending machines to carry Funyuns and Peggy’s pies.

3)    Sharing a single joint with several people while enjoying Alaska’s scenery will be known as a “Hatcher’s Pass”.

4)    The average length of Air Force One refueling stops in Alaska will increase by 17%.

5)    Whether or not university students should be allowed to carry firearms on campus will drop to the #2 campus rights issue.

6)    “Dude Where’s My Car?” will be reborn as an Alaskan reality show on the History Channel.

7)    Outsiders will never again ask the question: “How do you deal with the darkness?”.

Holly A. Bell is an Associate Professor teaching business and economics at the Mat-Su College of the University of Alaska Anchorage in Palmer, Alaska. You can visit her website at www.professorhollybell.com or follow her on Twitter at @HollyBell8

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