Academic Publications

<strong>Peer Reviewed</strong> <a href="">Beyond regulation: A cooperative approach to high frequency trading and financial market monitoring</a>. <em>CATO Institute Policy Analysis, No. 771</em> <a href="">An analysis of global HFT regulation: Motivations, market failures, and alternative outcomes</a>. <em>Mercatus Center Working Paper No. 14-11, April 2014</em> <a href="">High frequency trading: Do regulators need to control this tool of informationally efficient Markets?</a> <em>CATO Institute Policy Analysis No. 731. </em> <a href="">Velocity of information in financial markets: A theory of market value change</a>. <em>The Journal of Investing, 21</em>(3), 55-59 <a href="">Efficient financial markets as organizations: A metaphoric analysis.</a> <em>Insights to a Changing World, 2012</em>(1) <a href="">A contemporary framework for emotions in consumer decision-making: Moving beyond traditional models</a>. <em>International Journal of Business and Social Science, 2</em>(17), 12-16 <a href="">Status of the ‘BRICs’: An analysis of growth factors</a>. <em>International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, (69)</em>, 19-25. <a href="">Toward a value inclusive theory of economic decision-making: A ‘new science’ model</a>. <em>European Journal of Social Sciences,

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